The Pick Who Lives Rankings

Pick Who Lives shows users a choice between two things. They're asked to pick the one should live. With this data, Pick Who Lives is able to assign every thing a score, which ranges from -1,000 through +1,000. Options that are preferred have a score above zero, and options that are not liked have a score below zero. We also see plenty of things that have a score near zero, which means they either have a neutral association or are polarizing.

Since launching Pick Who Lives, users have rated options 5,819 times.

We included the rankings below:

Most Loved Options

  1. Every nurse on Earth: 89.1%
  2. Your entire family: 85.1%
  3. Enough food to solve global hunger: 84%
  4. A rare, beautiful flower that contains the cure to cancer and AIDS: 81.7%
  5. A scientist racing to warn everyone about an impending disaster: 77.6%
  6. A real magical wishing well: 77.3%
  7. Everyone under the age of 15: 77.1%
  8. A scientist who literally just discovered the cure for cancer: 76.9%
  9. A philosopher who will one day bring peace to the world: 76.8%
  10. The moon: 76.7%
  11. A team of scientists on the verge of discovering the cure for aging: 76.3%
  12. Your own mother: 75%
  13. The entire population of New Zealand: 73.6%
  14. A team of superheroes uniting to save the world: 73.4%
  15. A forgotten book of the Bible, actually written by God, which fixes all the plot holes: 72.4%
  16. An owl carrying your wizarding school acceptance letter: 70.3%
  17. A doctor performing life-saving surgery: 69.8%
  18. Yourself from 10 years in the future: 69.3%
  19. A winning jackpot lottery ticket with your name of it: 68.8%
  20. A teenage superhero who will one day save the city: 68.5%
  21. The entire water supply for a major city: 68.5%
  22. The last honey bees: 68.3%
  23. Harriet Tubman leading her people to freedom: 68.3%
  24. A lifeguard about to save a small child from drowning: 67.6%
  25. Your best friend: 67.4%

Least Loved Options

  1. A princess waiting for true love's first kiss: 12.5%
  2. The world's last Blockbuster Video: 13.3%
  3. Batman issue #1, mint condition: 19.2%
  4. Your favorite sports team: 22.4%
  5. A voodoo doll that looks just like you: 24.2%
  6. Tiny Tim: 24.7%
  7. The Dalai Lama: 28.2%
  8. Your car: 28.7%
  9. The Founding Fathers: 29.4%
  10. A local theatre troupe that performs for charity: 29.6%
  11. The world's most reliable baby/pet sitter: 30.4%
  12. A bartender who will one day invent hangover-free wine: 30.4%
  13. A whole truck of 1st edition Pokemon cards being delivered to your house: 30.9%
  14. A friendly old man who has spent his life hunting for big foot: 31.3%
  15. A completely functional Batmobile with your name on it: 31.3%
  16. Tom Hanks: 31.5%
  17. A bunch of kids playing GoldenEye 64: 31.5%
  18. Jeff Goldblum: 31.7%
  19. A warehouse full of frozen cryogenic bodies that may one day be brought back to life: 32.3%
  20. A bunch of nuns: 32.3%
  21. Santa Claus: 32.4%
  22. Robin Hood: 32.9%
  23. Every photo you have ever taken : 33.3%
  24. A funeral procession: 33.8%
  25. A group of Buddhist monks: 33.9%